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Inspired Proficiency

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Oct 15, 2019

Welcome to Inspired Proficiency and thank you for joining us for the final episode of season 4, episode 6. As always, please tweet any takeaways and inspirations to #inspiredproficiency. Don’t forget that Ashley and her podcasts are also on Facebook in the group “Inspired Proficiency Teacher Collaboration” with lots of great ideas for the classroom.

Our presenting sponsor Wayside Publishing invites you to nominate a world language teacher you know who is making a difference proficiency-driven practices! Nominate them on their website so they can be a featured educator on the blog.


Dr. Mana is very excited to share information with us today on the show. She has her PHD in language and literacy with a strong focus on formative assessment and how it helps in the language classroom. She has taught Arabic at the university level and trained Arabic teachers. 

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Game Segment with Sarah Breckley:

  • Photo scavenger hunt with a tweak

Resources and links mentioned on the show:

  • Quizlet
  • Susan Brookhart’s book Exploring Formative Assessments
  • Book: Enacting the World of Language Instruction: High Leverage Teaching Practices by Eileen Glisan and Richard Donato
  • Episode 2, Season 3 Podcast with Rebecca Blouwolff and her ideas for a Target Language Discourse Community with many ideas from the Glisan Donato book mentioned in today’s podcast



  • Dr. Mouna Mana on Twitter @ms_mouna
  • Sarah Breckley on Twitter @SarahBreckley


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