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Inspired Proficiency

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Mar 10, 2020

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Updates for season 5!

  • Sarah is back with 10 more games! YAY!
  • Julie Speno from Mundo de Pepita will talk to us every episode about being calm in the classroom.
  • Thank you to Joshua Cabral and World Language Classroom for your continued support of the podcast. He’ll be the guest on episode 2 of season 5!

Today’s Interview:

Julie Speno talks to us today about her why and and other information for a calm classroom. You might know Julie from the first EVER episode of Inspired Proficiency where she spoke about target language use in the classroom. Visit for detailed show notes on Julie’s interview

Game Segment with Sarah Breckley:

Twisted Symbols

Inspired Trivia:

Visit Wayside Publishing to answer the trivia questions and enter the prize drawing! Winners announced on Twitter.

Resources and links mentioned on the show:

  • MAFLA Massachusetts Foreign Language Association
  • ACTFL American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages
  • FLAME Foreign Language Association of Maine
  • NECTFL Northeast Conference on the Teacher of Foreign Languages 
  • World Language Classroom by Josh Cabral
  • Julie’s first interview on the first episode
  • Julie’s Teachers Pay Teachers shop
  • NNELL National Network for Early Language Learning
  • Wayside Publishing Trivia


  • Sarah Breckley on Twitter @SarahBreckley and her blog
  • Julie Speno on Twitter @MundoDePepita and her blog

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