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Inspired Proficiency

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Feb 20, 2018

Welcome to the premiere episode of Inspired Proficiency - with Ashley Uyaguari! Inspired Proficiency is a podcast for language teachers created by language teachers - featuring interviews, tricks, resources, and tons of inspiration for your classroom!  In this episode Ashley talks about the following:

  • Thanks the many Kickstarter backers that helped get this show going
  • Interviews Julie Speno of  Mundo de Pepita
  • “Survey Says” Game- Show

Ashley and Julie discuss new ways to be inspired in your classrooms. Julie gives her top three areas of focus for reaching proficiency levels with your students, and they both offer tips on keeping things fun.   

“Survey Says” puts Marissa Coulehan in the ring against Laura Sexton - in a Family Feud style game show where they try to guess the most popular answer among teachers for a variety of questions. Dawn Carney keeps the score in this all out battle royale! Where would you place? Play along and find out!  


Things We Mention In This Episode:

Mundo De Pepita - Julie's Website

Mundo De Pepita - Julie's Facebook Page

Marissa Coulehan on Twitter

PBL in the TL - Laura's Website

Links to resources:

Responsive Classroom

Developmental Designs

National Network for Early Language Learning

World Language Classroom

CI Lift Off

The artwork for Inspired Proficiency was created by Julie Speno with music by Cody Crabb