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Inspired Proficiency

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Apr 16, 2018

It’s Episode 6 with ACTFL 2018 Teacher Of the Year, Ying Jin! Inspired Proficiency is a podcast for language teachers created by language teachers - featuring interviews, tricks, resources, and tons of inspiration for your classroom!  In this episode Ashley talks about the following:


  • Interpersonal Activities with Ying Jin, ACTFL TOY 2018
  • Strategies for Starting Class with 5 Passionate World Language Teachers!


Episode Guests: (Follow them on Twitter!)

Ying Jin

Marissa Coulehan

Maris Hawkins

Alexandra Mylonas

Richard Smith

Colin Oriard


Things mentioned in this episode:

Mentioned by Ying Jin:

ACTFL Core Practices

Today’s Meet


Stanford World Language Project



Mentioned by Panel:

Maris’ Blog


No Bellringers 1

No Bellringers 2

Alexandra’s Site

Colin’s Poem



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