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Inspired Proficiency

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Mar 20, 2020

Thank you to our guests! Detailed shownotes will be added within a week at below are links to resources that have been shared by WL teaching community, compiled by Emily Loughlin.

Thank you to presenting sponsor Wayside Publishing!

List of links for school closures:

  • Request 2 free weeks of Senor
  • The Comprehensible Classroom and Martina Bex
    • 1o+ days of lessons for Spanish class (and other language activity ideas)
    • Instructional video for how to use 9 activities for ANY text in ANY language 
    • Garbanzo app
  • Fluency Matters courses free to closed schools
  • Duolingo mobile app to practice languages
  • Duolingo podcasts to listen to native speakers and stories in French and Spanish
  • Practice the lyrics to your favorite songs with Lyrics Training
  • National Spanish Exam Practice tests and exercises
  • Edpuzzle, embed questions into videos or use some that someone else has already made
  • Nearpod, interactive learning experiences for students
  • Netflix/ Hulu/ Amazon/ Apple TV, suggest shows for students to watch (maybe even the whole family) or suggest shows that are in English with Target Language audio or subtitles
  • Loteria Google Doodle Game for Spanish teachers
  • Flipgrid ideas, video recording communication tool
  • Newsela resources, news articles in English and Spanish at various reading levels
  • Fluent Key resources, similar to lyricstraining or edpuzzle
  • Sutori
  • Customizable digital graphic organizers
  • Smile and learn, younger learners wanting to practice Spanish and French
  • Free Mundo en tus manos downloads
  • Free access to Basho and friends
  • Free resources from Marina Rose and her department

2 Free Spanish readers from Jennifer Degenhardt

Thank you to Joshua Cabral or Wlclassroom, El mundo de Pepita, Jennifer Degenhardt and A.C. Quintero for being regular supporters of Inspired Proficiency.