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Inspired Proficiency

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Oct 16, 2018

Welcome to episode number 8 of the Inspired Proficiency podcast with your host-  Ashley Uyaguari! Inspired Proficiency is podcast that explores the world of language teachers, and the tricks, tips, games, resources and inspiration they recommend using in the classroom.

In this episode Ashley is joined by 2017 NECTFL Teacher of the Year – Caleb Howard.  Caleb has been teaching elementary Spanish class in New Jersey for the past 15 years.  Ashley and Caleb discuss the different ways to keep your students comfortable, active, and engaged.  The strategies he uses while teaching his K-5th grade classes will translate to teachers of all levels.    

 In this episode Ashley and Caleb speak about:

  • Not making your students talk, but inspiring them to
  • The different ways of keeping your classroom an organic feeling environment
  • The benefits of not using an averse voice
  • Showing your students they can successful in your classroom without using language
  • Making your room a place where they want to be
  • Leading your students forward with fascination
  • Deciding on your teaching objectives
  • The keys to unlocking diversity’s treasure
  • The importance of connecting and sharing as teachers


Are you giving your students the gift of something excellent?

Be sure to follow Caleb’s blog, Tuesday’s Tips for Staying in the Target Language at:

www.Señ or follow him on Twitter @HolaSrHoward

As always, you can find Ashley on Twitter @profeashley, and be sure to use the hashtag, #InspiredProficiency.  If you have any questions or would like to reach out to Ashley, she would love to hear from you via email at