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Inspired Proficiency

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Mar 6, 2018

It’s the 3rd episode of Inspired Proficiency - with Ashley Uyaguari! Inspired Proficiency is a podcast for language teachers created by language teachers - featuring interviews, tricks, resources, and tons of inspiration for your classroom!  In this episode Ashley talks about the following:

  • Tips to Avoid Teacher Burnout with Kristopher Morehead.
  • A Desk-Free Panel with four incredible teachers! Allison Weinhold, Natalia DeLaat, Tina Hargaden and Annabelle Allen!

Ashley and Kristopher discuss his 9 tips to avoid teacher burnout and achieve a good work/life balance. After listening be sure to tweet or post your “Victory Lap”!

The desk-free panel features 4 passionate teachers who have taken a leap to transform their classrooms physically by removing all their desks. They each share their reasons for this change as well as tips for teachers considering a desk-free class.

Episode Guests:

Kristopher Morehead

Allison Weinhold

Natalia DeLaat

Tina Hargaden

Annabelle Allen

Links to resources:

World Language Classroom


La Maestra Loca

National Network for Early Language Learning

CI Lift Off

CI Posse

Inspired Proficiency Facebook Page

Ashley’s Blog

The artwork for Inspired Proficiency was created by Julie Speno with music by Cody Crabb. Podcast editing done via Podcast Buddy