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Inspired Proficiency

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May 7, 2019

Welcome to Inspired Proficiency and thank you for joining us for episode 7 of season 3. As always, please tweet any takeaways and inspirations to #inspiredproficiency. See detailed show notes at

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Congrats to Caitlin Frantz for winning the last episode giveaway from A.C. Quintero!

This awesome podcast will be coming back in the fall for a fourth season and Wayside Publishing is going to be the presenting sponsor!

On this episode Ashley chats with Kia London. The variety segment offers a few game ideas to add fun at this time of the school year when energy levels from all of us might be low. Ashley is also offering her workshops in Tyngsboro, MA this summer and details are on her website here.


Kia London teaches middle school Spanish to grades 6-8 (Novice level) in Northwest Suburb of Chicago, IL. In the past she has also taught high school Spanish grades 9-12 as well as elementary learners.

Kia discusses:


  • Incorporating Student Interest into Our Classes
  • Student Culture in the Classroom
  • Equity in the Classroom


See detailed show notes at

Variety Segment:

Here are some fun game ideas to help continue to build community within the classroom and lower that affective filter while using language in an authentic way. Ashley is always happy to share these games but it’s so much more fun to share them in person so considering heading to a workshop she’s running this summer. See detailed show notes at

Resources and links mentioned on the show:


Kia London on Twitter @MaestraLondon

Episode sponsors:

  • Wayside Publishing  #followtheowl
  • ACTFL Membership - If you join online at using the code “INSPIRED” by May 31, 2019, we’ll take 20% off your first year’s membership! What are you waiting for?
  • Tina Hargaden and CI Liftoff
  • El Mundo de Pepita
  • World Language Classroom
  • Puentes books from A.C. Quintero & Jennifer Degenhardt

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