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Inspired Proficiency

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Dec 12, 2018

Our final episode of this season was inspired by Alison Moran. She suggested it’d be a great idea to host a large “teacher share” to end the year. As always, please tweet out any takeaways to #inspiredproficiency and share what inspires you!    

Inga Paterson-Zuniga: Montclair, New Jersey, 7th Grade Spanish, Twitter feed: @IngalaG2, Blog:

Ryan Casey: Lexington High School (Lexington, MA), Spanish teacher; Twitter: @rcaseyLHS

Cherish Reale: Woodbridge, VA Spanish Twitter and Instagram handle is @VTBandera School St Thomas Aquinas Regional School

Angela Williams, Savannah, GA, Spanish teacher, Twitter handle: @AngelaWEducator

Alison Moran, French FLES, Atlanta. Twitter Madame Moran @AlisonM1936595

Stephanie Carbonneau, French, York, ME

In this episode, we talk about…

  • Suggestions for “Star of the Day”
  • Using authentic games from a target culture
  • Tips for using puppets to create dialogue and comprehensible input
  • Ways to maximize class time using independent reading    
  • Ideas for using images for language acquisition, diversity, social issues
  • Tapping into resources at your school and on social media
  • How to use the “UnLucky Reading Game”


Resources and Links mentioned on the show:

Bryce Hedstrom

Tina Hargaden

Brandon Brown Wants a Dog

Capibara Con Botas

Juego de la Oca

Alice Ayel

Inga Paterson-Zuniga Blog


Dollar Street

Peter Menzel