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Inspired Proficiency

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Feb 27, 2018

Welcome to the 2nd episode of Inspired Proficiency - with Ashley Uyaguari!

Inspired Proficiency is a podcast for language teachers created by language teachers - featuring interviews, tricks, resources, and tons of inspiration for your classroom!  In this episode Ashley talks about the following:

  • Shares some idea for adding fun to your classroom
  • Interviews Joshua Cabral of World Language Classroom
  • “Bestie Battles”- Game Show

Ashley and Joshua discuss whether students are practicing or communicating. Joshua defines both concepts, and give examples of exercises and tasks. Joshua’s tips for creating tasks will get your students communicating at any proficiency level!

 “Bestie Battles” features Nathan Lutz & Amanda Seewald vs. Jenny Delfini & Beth Slocum - in a Newlywed style game show where they try to guess their colleague’s answers for a variety of questions. Which team will be victorious? Be sure to play along!

 Things We Mention In This Episode:

Joshua’s Blog World Language Classroom

Joshua’s Communicative Activities

Joshua’s Exercises and Tasks

Joshua’s Feedback

Ashley’s Blog



Links to resources:

La Maestra Loca

National Network for Early Language Learning

World Language Classroom

CI Lift Off

CI Posse

Inspired Proficiency Facebook Page


 The artwork for Inspired Proficiency was created by Julie Speno with music by Cody Crabb